Can I visit your studio?
Yes, we have studio open days starting soon! Our first dates will be the 12th and 13th of May (Friday and Saturday) 2023. From then on we'll have a couple of days every month where our studio is open for visits and direct buying. Follow us on instagram @js_ceramics and facebook for more 2023 dates and info about our open days.
Please note: The studio is closed to the public outside of the open days - it's on a private home property sharing a driveway with families, pets and occasionally orchard machinery.

Can I put my handmade ceramics / pottery in the dishwasher?
Yes, but we recommend drying thoroughly before you put them away.
Some of our George and Co. pieces (not handmade) are not dishwasher safe - see the product description for specific information about an item.

Can I put my handmade ceramics / pottery in the microwave?
We recommend that you don't, they can get a bit hot.

Can I put my handmade ceramics / pottery in the oven?
It's not something we recommend, but you could, (we do ourselves). There is a small chance your piece might break due to thermal shock. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but just to Australia currently, see our shipping page for more detailed info.

Do you offer wholesale purchasing for businesses and organisations?
Not currently, we decided to take a break from wholesale for 2021 to make space for more creativity and family time. 

Do you offer ceramics / pottery classes?
Not currently, but we can put you in touch with local potters who do. Contact us to find out more.

How can I make my own ceramics / pottery?
We would recommend just buying some clay and begin experimenting with hand-building techniques. Search on You Tube for how-to videos. Once your clay pieces are dry, take them to a local pottery studio for firing. You could even search 'how to build your own kiln' or 'pit firing' to learn how to fire your own work at home. 
Alternatively, you could attend a pottery class - we're planning to offer them sometime soon, click here for more info. 

How can I fix my broken ceramic / pottery item?
If your broken item is from us, and it was faulty or arrived broken, then please see our returns page to arrange a replacement/refund.
We recommend 24 hour Araldite glue for any ceramic repairs, and masking tape to support the item while the glue sets. However, the glue repair area should never come in contact with food or drink, as it could be unsafe. You could also search YouTube for 'how to kintsugi'  - a unique Japanese pottery repair technique. If your broken piece is very precious, you could get a professional to repair it - in New Zealand these people can help. 

How do I plant in a ceramic planter without a drainage hole?
You'll need to include a drainage layer of pebbles or pumice in the bottom of the planter to avoid root rot. Also you should be very careful not to overwater your plant. Alternatively, just sit the plastic container that the plant came in inside the ceramic one and cover the top with pebbles or spagnum moss to hide the top of the plastic planter. 

Do you offer local pick ups from the studio?
No, we don't currently offer this as we all work flexible hours at the studio and it can be tricky arranging times that suit everyone. But we do offer free local delivery for our Bay of Plenty customers, you can select this option at the checkout.

Do you do gift wrapping?
Yes, we do offer a free gift wrap service where we wrap your items with kraft paper and tie with natural jute twine. Just leave us a comment with your order at the checkout we'll gift wrap it for you. You can also write a gift message which we'll handwrite on one of our postcards and include with the parcel.

If you can't find the answer here, please contact us for more information.