Hello 2023

Our last day for sending orders is Monday the 19th of December. Then, we'll be taking a break from the studio until Tuesday the 10th of January 2023. During that time, you can still place orders, but they won't be sent until the 10th. Items available on the website are in stock and ready to be sent as soon as we're back.
Thanks & have a lovely Christmas holiday! x Jen

JS Ceramics for Everyday

Here in our Tauranga studio we handcraft beautiful, functional ceramics to make everyday rituals more special and intentional. To help create moments of mindfulness and the chance to enjoy simple pleasures.

Small Batch Production

Each piece in our handmade collection is made from scratch using a slip-casting production process. Then they are hand trimmed, smoothed, and glazed ready for firing in our electric kilns. Somewhere between earthenware and stoneware, our items are considered to be mid-fired pottery.

Our shapes are organic rustic pottery, inspired by nearby landscapes and clay layers visible in nature.

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Limited Edition Work

Making limited edition and one-off pieces from time to time, offers us the chance to be more creative and experimental.

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Maunga Table Lamp

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